Ciara & Future get back together (my two pence)...

TMZ reports that Ciara and her ex-fiance Future are now living together again and trying to make things work. This is so that they can raise their four-month-old son Future Zahir under a proper family unit. 

She called off their engagement last month after Future allegedly cheated on her while he was on tour in Europe. Her reasoning for getting back with him is a bit of a cop-out in my opinion. A child can still enjoy the benefits of having both parents in their life without the actual parents being in a relationship.

I just don't consider it a healthy environment for any child to be in if there are trust issues among both parents. Single motherhood may not sound so appealing but for the child, sometimes it's the best option. No one can guarantee if Future won't cheat on her again. 

I don't want to call her a weak woman. Maybe she genuinely believes he has changed and they can truly work it out. Maybe she loves him too much. I dunno. What I DO know is that his multiple baby mama's exist for a reason and she may very well spend her days living in paranoia whenever he is out there. You don't get over things like that so easily and it's going to take time to build bridges. I don't agree with her decision but good luck to her.