Nivea has not so cute things to say about Christina Milian dating another ex of hers...

Christina Milian just can't stop dating Nivea's ex-men. And Lil Wayne just can't stop dating The-Dream's ex-women either. 

It's always been a messy affair, and Nivea, who has kids with both The-Dream and Wayne is expressing her disapproval claiming that this "adds more mess to stirring the pot" (it hasn't been the first time either, she's made comments on Instagram recently.)

 During a recent interview with ‘Malcolm Music’, Nivea feels something is very wrong with Christina for dating the father of her youngest son after already marrying a previous ex of hers. That ex is The Dream, father of Christina's daughter Violet, whom Nivea also has kids with. Her response? ‘What the hell?! It felt crazy as hell!’ 

She takes it all in her stride by allowing her children and Christina's daughter to have a sibling relationship. However, she draws the line at Weezy bringing Christina to family functions and who can blame her? "In this regard, this is not cute to me," she adds. Hopefully, this relationship ends before she ends up pregnant because if that were to happen, there simply would be no words for it. He already has enough baby mamas as it is, anyway.