Jennifer Hudson visits the Breakfast Club + Seth Meyers...

In promotion of her new album 'JHUD' (which dropped in stores this week), Jennifer Hudson visited The Breakfast Club.

She reveals she would like to play Aretha Franklin in a biopic as “that’s her dream role.” She would even go back to being fat again for that specific role. I would love to see her take on that challenge. I alwas felt she looked much better when she had more meat on her.

Some people just weren't meant to be skinny and in my opinion, she's one of them. She also shoots down reports that she had a feud with her 'Dreamgirls' co-star Beyoncé and that they remain friends. I suppose she knows she must have the longest engagement in history. She says she's in no rush to marry fiancé David Otunga (father to five-year-old son David Jnr), although she will marry him at some point. She also dropped by 'Late Night with Seth Meyers' where she did another interview and performed her latest single 'Dangerous.' Check out her promotional campaign below.