Thursday, 30 October 2014

All of Mathew Knowles baby mamas can't wait for Beyoncé to meet their kids...

In a new interview with Inside Edition, former lingerie model Taqoya Branscomb says she is hopeful that her and Mathew Knowles' 4-year-old daughter Koi can meet her superstar half sister Beyoncé. 

And apparently, these baby mamas always conveniently leave out Solange (lol). I mean it's not like Solange doesn't have Bey's exact DNA as well.

"They are half sisters and maybe one day down the line that can be made possible," says Taqoya. Didn't Alexsandra Wright say the same thing in regards to her 4-year-old son Nixon with Mr. Knowles? These women are a disgrace and only seemingly got pregnant for him because he is the father of one of today's richest pop stars. They were clearly looking for a massive payout and only received a rude awakening when BOTH of them found themselves locked in a legal battle to force him to pay child support.

Knowles previously underwent a DNA test to prove paternity and the results came out 99.998% positive in favour of him being the child's father, according to documents obtained by TMZ. Matty Knowles is a dirty old man. I mean, Taqoya is only 3-years younger than Beyoncé. I know this sounds really mean, because they're both cute kids at the end of the day, but...

Bey is not obligated to give any of her father's illegitimate kids the time of day.