Thursday, 30 October 2014

Keyshia Cole snaps back...

Keyshia Cole seriously got dogged when she posted those videos of herself dry humping a piano for Birdman's attention. 

She's not appreciating the judgment of those very thirsty actions, but honestly, what did she expect? A pat on the back? She's almost fresh from a divorce and is now a mother in her 30s. Yet, she's vying for the attention of a man who allegedly cheated on her.

Isn't that the reason why she ended up attacking another woman at his condo in the first place? Some things in her case, should not be shared or seen. Or better yet, she should probably contemplate enjoying the single life for a little while. If publicly degrading yourself is what you need to do to get a man's attention, perhaps he simply isn't worth it. 

She posted what looks to be a golden turd on Instagram, and captioned it with: "Some people act like they [sh*t] don't stink tho."