Friday, 21 November 2014

Listen to Beyoncé's '7/11' & 'Ring Off' (extended previews)...

New Beyoncé music is finally here! OK, maybe I said that with too much enthusiasm because...

The Bobby Johnson/Detail-produced '7/11' serves as a ratchet, bass heavy,  club banger which is actually pretty garbage for a Beyoncé song.  It is so uninspiring! Then the (sexualised) lyrics, are pure nonsense but I'm sure it will do what it was set out to do at the clubs.

The Mike Caren-produced 'Ring Off,' is cute. Not horrible, but not amazing either. On the R&B jam, she sings about a painful divorce, but taking that ring off and finding happiness with someone else. With her mother Tina divorcing her father Mathew, Bey has some inspiring words for her mom. 

"You took that ring off" she sings "So tired of the lies and trying, crying, fighting. Now the fun begins. Dust yourself off and you love again. You found a new man, now you shine." Both songs will appear on the Platinum Edition Box Set of her self titled re-release which will drop next Monday. Both tracks have leaked in full, but you can listen to the official 90-second snippets below.