Sunday, 23 November 2014

Usher brings out Chris Brown at L.A. show...

Ladies, time to do more swooning and admiring.

The other night, Usher brought out Trey Songz during the Chicago stop of his 'UR Experience' tour. This time, Chris Brown put in a surprise appearance for 'Loyal' and 'New Flame' (featuring Usher.) They did a brief dance-off and Usher showed off his abs, which was a delight to his female fanbase.

He has been keeping his top on for the remainder of this tour following his recent comments that he is "too old" to strip off on stage. In no way is 36 too old especially when he's in great shape and looks younger. For some unfair reason, men are not as ridiculed for flaunting their sex appeal in their mid 30s as much as women are especially when they have kids. 

Anyway, I think it's nice that Usher is using his tour to show his love and brotherhood to some of his younger R&B peers. It could very well be his way of trying to pass down the torch gracefully, although neither of them hold a candle to him vocally and performance wise. It's still nice because you rarely see established/legendary divas doing this for the younger female singers. It just shows how secure Usher is with his career and everything he's achieved. As I say, he is the daddy of cool and some of these kids from the newer generation can stand to learn a thing or two from him (he's a legend now). I look forward to seeing him on tour next March.