Wendy Williams defends Aaliyah biopic...

Wendy Williams has defended the critically panned Lifetime biopic, 'Aaliyah: Princess of R&B.'

The poorly put-together TV film was executive produced by Williams, who happily admits that despite "everyone having an opinion," the actual biopic was a ratings success. Obviously, the success was down to curiousity. People wanted to see how Aaliyah's relationship with R. Kelly would be addressed.

Williams spent a lot of time promoting how much they would cover all bases which they really didn't. She says it was the second-highest rated movie on all of cable this year.

“I see my Aaliyah movie broke the Internet this weekend!” said Williams. “Everybody got an opinion. Well, I must tell you, whether you loved or hate, you watched.”Anyway, I've expressed my very lengthy opinion on the matter, and you can watch Wendy boasting about having one of the most successful TV premieres of the year (ugh) below.