Sunday, 7 December 2014

Alicia Keys debuts powerful ballad ‘We Gotta Pray’...

Following the controversial, unjust decision of the Mike Brown and Eric Garner cases, Alicia Keys shares her emotions on a heartfelt piano ballad called ‘We Gotta Pray.’

The track, which encourages unity, prayer, positivity, and love, was released in the wake of protests in New York City and Ferguson, MO this week. It addresses issues with police brutality / procedures, racism and cultural rifts in America.

The video below has powerful images of police in the streets and protestors holding up signs that read “Black Lives Matter.” This serves as AK's second track in her movement for peace in so many weeks. It's so refreshing that she's using her voice to fight hate and injustice in the world today. She is due to give birth soon and this is the type of world we're bringing our children into. As a result, this is something she very much feels strongly about.