Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Beyoncé & Jay Z celebrate his 45th birthday in Iceland...

Poor Matt Daddy Knowles is so broke he has been reduced to holding yard sales, selling old memorabilia of his daughters. This is what happens when you keep on having illegitimate children in your late 50s. Now he has to sell old items of his first born to finance his new born. How the mighty have fallen! Yet, Beyoncé stays living the blessed lifestyle with the family she actually respects.

I hate snow. I hate winter. All I want to do is drink tea and snuggle up under the duvet for as long as possible. I hate anything that makes me shudder and yet, Beyoncé and her family make me want to go on an icy vacation. Amazing birthday dinners, jet skiiing, chilling out in the pool. They make it look so... incredibly fun!