Saturday, 13 December 2014

Jennifer Lopez 'Dance Again' tour gets HBO December premiere, but why so late?

Better late than never right? Jennifer Lopez 'Dance Again' tour is scheduled to debut on HBO on December 31st. 

The special goes behind the scenes of her first world tour, which visited 65 cities and five continents. It will also include intimate documentary footage and interviews with the singer and her closest friends, who accompanied her on the road, alongside her kids.
Live renditions of some of her biggest hits will also be shown. J.Lo always brings the heat with her performances, so her concert would be worth the watch. I just don't get why she would wait two years to broadcast a concert that took place in 2012. Then again, this reads more like a documentary than a full length concert broadcast, so unfortunately, they probably won't show all the performances. More likely, only her more recognised hits will be shown in a live capacity. Obviously, it's too late now, but right after the tour ended, why didn't she just put this concert on DVD instead?