Solange responds to Rihanna being referred to as her "boss" at Puma...

Bait Solange all you want. She may have kicked Jay Z's ass in that elevator, but she has nothing but respect for his protege Rihanna. Even more so, now that they are both creative directors at Puma. One fan tried to get messy when they asked her how she feels about her "new boss" Rihanna? Solange kept it very classy with her response and offered her support to Rihanna.

She's been on this movement of black girl support lately after advocating for Azealia Banks prior to her argument with fellow rapper Iggy Azalea recently. The fan was really trying to get a reaction out of Solange so I am happy she responded the way she did. It shows she is very secure in her position and has no reason to feel threatened. 

They're both creative directors of their respective lines and no one is anybody's boss. Rita Ora, another protege of Jay Z, is creative/art director for Adidas, and Solange's sister Beyoncé supported the line by rocking one of Rita's designs on Instagram. More women should be encouraged to stick together and not fall into the trap of being pitted against one another in the same line of work. 

Via The Shaderoom: