Keri Hilson is still talking about that empty arena fiasco...

Keri Hilson needs to stop bringing up the humiliating incident where she had to perform to an empty arena. People laughed and joked about it for a day and then, it was forgotten about. We all moved on from it. If I were her, I would not have addressed it at all. I would have been so content with my $100,000 (if true) that I would not have cared the hell what critics had to say. I'd have left it well alone. Addressing it on Twitter, and then writing a little sermon about it on Instagram, just shows that she was truly butt hurt and caught in her feelings. 

Go out there. You have a job to do--use your gift to touch someone's heart. Doesn't matter if your applause is a roar or a whisper. There are always obstacles and curveballs thrown. Give your all anyway. Critics will talk because that's all they dreamt of being...talkers. You just make sure you leave your heart out there then take the bag of coins you earned and prance on home. Love, Keri.