Usher on hit single 'I don't Mind': "That's what people choose to listen to now"...

During a visit to The Ellen Degeneres Show this week, Grammy nominee Usher and Ellen discussed the provocative lyrics in his hit song 'I Don’t Mind.' 

Unfortunately, music of substance is no longer something people will support. When an R&B veteran chooses to sing about love, heartbreak and social issues, they get shunned. Their music gets shunned. And they get left out in the cold. Let him sing about his love of strippers and twerking and people will jump all over it and make it a hit.

He tells the host, "You know what, no judgement, I mean this is the song that obviously a lot of people enjoy listening to and dancing to, it's just what they choose to listen to and dance to it." The stripper anthem, which has now climbed to #17 on the Billboard Hot 100, will appear on his upcoming new album 'UR' which he confirms will be out later this year. You heard the man. This is what people choose to support and listen to. It's actually quite sad, but if this is the type of fluff people want to listen to, then this is what he will cater to. '8701' Usher and 'Confessions' Usher isn't making a comeback. At least, not for now.