Diane Warren is bitching at Rita Ora for not promoting 'Grateful'...

For someone that has struggled to find musical success in the States, Rita Ora should be grasping every opportunity possible. We already know she has been confirmed to perform 'Grateful' at The Oscars, which serves as the film soundtrack to 'Beyond the Lights.' So why upset the track's legendary songwriter, Diane Warren? She tells HuffPost Entertainment that herself and the film's director Gina Prince-Bythewood contacted Rita personally about filming a video for 'Grateful,' but received no response.

Diane says she would've chosen another singer if she had an inkling that Rita would show little interest in promoting the song. She accuses Rita of only tweeting about the song once or twice while showing more interest in promoting her collab with Charli XCX instead. Diane says it was Gina Prince-Bythewood that wanted Rita to sing the Oscar-nominated song. Although I fully understand her anger, I don't agree with how Diane has handled the situation because it reeks of unprofessional. By doing this, she is alienating some very important people in the industry. Don't mess with your coin over some pettiness. It's simply not worth it. People will be wary about working with her, just in case she bitches at them for not shooting a video to support a song that SHE wrote. 

As for Rita, this girl stays losing. This would have served as a major career boost. She would have been receiving the most recognition for anything that she's had in the States, which is not a lot. She should be taking full advantage of this song to get her name out there. Such a wasted opportunity. It's just really hard to root for someone if they don't really want it for themselves.