Mariah Carey fires her entire team ahead of brand new single...

Starting a fresh!
According to Billboard, Mariah Carey has departed ways with longtime publicist Cindi Berger and hired Chambers Group. She has also signed with WikkedCast Management, her fifth set of management since 2013. This brand new overhaul comes weeks before she kicks off her residency in Las Vegas.

On top of that, her rumoured new single 'Infinity' has a floating release date of April 27th. Cleaning shop and starting over is actually a good move on her behalf. However, she should have done this years ago after things went downhill following the massive success of 'Emancipation.' Her legacy has become somewhat tainted with the bad performances, loss of voice, poor single choices and her albums not selling as well as they use to. Is there still room for Mariah to redeem herself?