Rihanna songwriter says 'Bitch Better Have My Money' took three hours to write...

Oh, we can tell!
During an interview with Noisey, Bibi Bourelly reveals that she was just feeling ratchet the day she wrote Rihanna's latest hit single 'Bitch Better Have My Money.' The 20-year-old says that it took her three hours to write the Deputy-produced song, which has recently been hit with plagiarism accusations.

I will even go as far as to say this is one of Rihanna's worst songs for fronting the release of an upcoming album. If a song written in three hours can still prove itself a hit (thanks to Rihanna's major pull and star power which definetely helped), what come-up songwriter wouldn't be proud of that very career milestone? It's just a shame that the song doesn't show much of Rihanna's evolvement as an artist since this now marks her 10 years in the game.