Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Rihanna claps back at cocaine allegations...

Footage shows singer preparing another Coachella blunt...
It has been wrongly assumed Rihanna was caught on camera cutting lines and snorting cocaine with a straw. Although she was seen pinching her nose, Rihanna was actually making herself a blunt during the hot and wild Coachella weekend. Accusations have infuriated her so much she came back with an angry rebuttal on instagram to set the record straight.

Rihanna luuuurves her some Coachella blunt. It wouldn't be the first time Rihanna was hit with similar cocaine accusations at a Coachella festival. Back in 2012, she broke out a bag of weed and proceeded to break up some of the ganja on top of her bodyguard's shiny bald head. Can't be good for her vocals later on down the track.