Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Ciara addresses low album sales for 'Jackie' in new interview...

Album not dunzo just yet...
During an interview with Philadelphia’s Power 99 RNGMS, Ciara was asked about her low projected album sales for 'Jackie.' 

The project is slated to push just 22K in its first week. Ciara says that although she would loved to have sold more, she considers this her best body of work and just appreciates fans showing their support for the new music by attending her shows. She says there's more videos to come and she's just getting started.

I think her positivity is commendable but let's not cloud reality. When an album sells so little, it discourages the label from wanting to support it, because they're not seeing much investment. Albums with low sales often have a very short life span, and we've seen that first hand with her last album 'Ciara.' Perhaps part of that might have been due to her falling pregnant shortly after, and it's a shame because that album was much better than this one. I do hope she can keep the ball rolling with this project especially for those fans that actually went out and brought it. 

Click here to listen to the entire interview.