Alicia Keys covers Grazia magazine, confirms album release date...

Lost the baby weight real quick! 
What I like most about Alicia Keys is that she shows a lot of young women out there that you don't have to show ALL of your skin to be considered sexy.

She looks fab in the June edition of Grazia magazine (France) and shifting all that baby weight seems to have not been a problem for her (she gave birth to her second child just six months ago). On the music front, she also confirmed in the accompanying interview that her new album will be out in October.

I hope she goes back to her early stuff, because that last album ('Girl On Fire') was pretty weak by her standards and the album before that ('The Element of Freedom') was solid but pales in comparison to her first three albums (the 'Diary' album being my favourite). She's been on a steady decline since the last record, so I really hope she can get her mojo back. I really hope she comes through with some cutting-edge music because quite frankly, she's way too talented to be releasing sub par material. Check out the shoot below.