Sunday, 7 June 2015

Christina Milian shoots 'Like Me' video (ft. Snoop Dog)...

New video shoot wrapped...
Christina Milian has been preparing the release of her upcoming 5-song EP and yesterday, she was spotted on an LA set shooting a new music video. 

The shoot, which was with director Mike Ho, is for her Snoop Dog assisted new single 'Like Me.' We've had two visuals from her so far, and she's clearly been funding them herself. She admitted that the 'Rebel' visuals came from her own pocket, since Young Money has no intention of putting out her album.

Duh. I think we all knew that the moment she made that announcement all the way in 2012. Yeah... three going on almost four bloody years ago. Her comment about "going out with a bang" is kinda sad but I like her fighting spirit. I just don't like how she went about her career because sans her debut, every man she's dated has been linked to all of her projects. Dre did a really good job I gotta admit. I'm just sad she didn't blow up or keep up the momentum after 'Dip It Low' because she had some gems and 'So Amazing' was such a great body of work.