Ciara sets the record straight on 'CBS This Morning'...

Discussing her latest album 'Jackie' seems a bit of a decoy these days. Nobody seems to care about that album (as reflected in the sales). Moreso since Ciara's ex-fiancé Future publicly criticized her for allowing her Seahawks quarterback boyfriend Russell Wilson to spend time with their son and push him around in a stroller.
I don't know about you, but if your ex met someone new and they bonded with your child, wouldn't you be happy that your child is around someone they're comfortable with when not in your presence? Seems he's upset because the new fella in her life is more portrayed as a hands on father than he is. Hurt pride is what it all boils down to. Ciara pretty much calls Future a hypocrite because she claims to have taken care of HIS kids when they were together (it's a "double standard," she says). I'm glad she finally broke her silence, because some things needed to be said.