New Music: JoJo returns with a ‘tringle’ of three new singles...

Don’t call it an EP. Following a lengthy hiatus, JoJo is back with a ‘tringle’ of three new singles, and sure I was excited, until I heard them.
I'll start with 'Save My Soul,' a very solid pop-rock ballad. She's serving vocals, and it's probably the strongest out of the three. As for 'Say Love,' this one was produced by Harmony Samuels and it's very AC, but I don't really see it doing much. She sounds amazing, but the production is dated.

The worst out of the batch would be the dated sounding 'When Love Hurts,' which sucks. I could see the Benny Blanco-produced cut fairing well in European markets especially the UK. However, I just don't understand why she would do EDM at a time when it has actually died down now. This is her first time dipping into EDM waters, but I'm thinking she should not have bothered. She is so much better than this level of basic/generic.

She releases three songs and none of them are even urban, so she won't get any support from that end either. I get why she's catering more to pop but most of her music always had urban traces even when it was pop. These are not even amazing pop songs to be honest. Not terrible (sans that last one). Just mediocre, and a tad bit boring. I'm in no rush to listen to them again, unfortunately. But feel free to disagree.