Sorry! Beyoncé didn't register six new songs last night...

A screenshot showcasing a list of six new songs that Beyoncé supposedly registered on ASCAP has been identified as fake. 
Producers The-Dream, Babyface, Lil Wayne, Boots, and more were listed on the songs, coinciding with reports that the singer is currently working on her sixth studio album (picture proof and all). The fake screenshot was originally posted last night on pop forum ATRL, and came with no direct link to the actual information. So, no real source! Of course an eagle-eyed Bey fan provided some hardcore facts explaining why the info on the screenshot could not possibly be authentic. Why do fans fall for this? It wasn't that long ago that a fake tracklist for Rihanna's new album was floating around. Fans want new music so badly, they will run with anything. In related news, Major Lazer who gave us 'Run The World (Girls)' has been teasing their contribution for Bey's new album.


Major Lazer's tweets a few days ago: