Did Nicki Minaj play herself at the VMAs?

Nicki Minaj publicly blasted Miley Cyrus on stage at last night's VMAs because last week Miley did an interview talking smack about Nicki. Miley said something along the lines of Nicki not being a nice person. 
Nicki Minaj accepts the Best Hip Hop Video award for 'Anaconda.'

This little outburst from Nicki on stage where she cussed at Miley and called her a bitch was more than likely scripted. This is the sort of stunt MTV would pull. Remember when rapper Eminem stormed out of the VMAs in 2009 after Sacha Baron Cohen thrust his bare ass in Eminem's face? Turns out it was staged/rehearsed and Eminem was in on the joke all along. And if this is the case, Nicki let big bad wolf MTV use her for ratings. It was only a few weeks ago that Nicki blasted that same outlet for favouring music videos of skinny white chicks over curvy black women. She was upset that her and Beyoncé's 'Feeling Myself' video got "snubbed." This prompted a short-lived Twitter war between herself and Taylor Swift. So if Nicki was THAT upset at MTV, why didn't she take a stand and not show up at all? Why help MTV court controversy and a fake beef for ratings? Instead, she showed up, performed with Taylor and cussed out Miley for MTV's benefit. Notice how MTV were struggling. They couldn't even get a single superstar to perform at their show. No Janet. No Beyoncé. Not even Rihanna (or Kanye West despite his honoury Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award.) After this, it will be very hard to take Nicki Minaj seriously in the future.