Tamar Braxton debuts new song ‘King’ on ‘The Real’...

During the season two premiere of her talk show ‘The Real’ (the ep aired today), Tamar Braxton debuted a new song off her upcoming album ‘Calling All Lovers,’ and it goes by the name of ‘King.’
Tamar felt some way when her album got pushed back to October 2nd. The reason for this is because she claims she only found out the same time as everyone else.

Isn't her label suppose to inform her about this stuff before it goes to press? Mess. And now her album will be competing for sales with Janet Jackson's comeback record 'Unbreakable.' The performance was okay and the song is somewhat decent (I don't love it to be honest). I've heard her excel at ballads much better than this. Nerves perhaps? This was a little shoddy in some places and nice in parts. Should she be worried that she's released several "buzz" singles already and none have really had an impact?