Craig David teases joint mixtape with Drake...

British R&B crooner Craig David visits BBC 1Xtra, where he spoke on a potential mixtape with popular rapper Drake.
“When the time is right, when it’s really right, and there’s the Craig David/Drake mixtape, I promise you, not on a ‘get gas, beg a man to be on his record’ kind of thing, because he’s the hottest thing right now,” he says. 

Drake wouldn't benefit from a Craig David collaboration. I love me some CD but I have to be honest and say he fell off many years ago in his career. Not just his albums failing to sell any more but the quality of his music going down a notch greatly despite his talent never going away. At present, he's been hard at work on his new album. If this mixtape goes ahead I think it would be very interesting simply because I always thought that in part, Drake's singing voice sounds a lot like Craig's. He talks about the potential mixtape at around the nine minute mark, below.  

Would you be here for it?