Ashanti talks music career, past + current relationships & more on Big Boy...

Ashanti visits Big Boy! where she discusses her track 'Let's Go' for Michelle Obama's Drink Up campaign, her music career and much more.
Also discussed was her history with Jennifer Lopez on 'I'm Real' and 'Ain't It Funny,' the advances of having her own label, her current relationship with Darnell Dockett, and her past relationship with Nelly. Why does she keep on entertaining the Nelly questions? 

Every celeb has the option to ban certain questions before doing an interview. She doesn't come across as bitter when speaking about him, but I know that if interviewers kept asking me about my ex-boyfriend all the time, I'd find that really draining. Perhaps she feels she won't get the invite to do interviews if she refuses to speak on certain things. She doesn't have the luxury of a Rihanna/BeyoncĂ© type career where she can filter interviews and not suffer any consequences. 

She's been talking with several good companies about starting her own water, but nothing is set in stone as of yet. She is really business oriented and came across really well in the interview. Her personality stands out and she looked gorgeous.