Rita Ora has now been removed from Roc Nation's website + artist roster...

That was quick! Rita Ora has been drastically removed from Roc Nation’s website, social media and artist roster, following yesterday's report.
Looks like Roc Nation has granted Rita her wish to walk away from her contract. Yesterday's news had stated Rita was seeking legal emancipation from Roc Nation and Jay Z following reports that she had been “orphaned” by the label. Her emancipation from the label could result in serious implications for the release of her serially delayed album. She recorded the ill-fated project on Roc Nation, so what are the chances that they allow her to still release the material? 

Would Jay Z really be that bitter and petty? It's bad enough she had to re-record the entire album previously when ex-boyfriend Calvin Harris took back ALL his material prior to their split. This album just wasn't destined to happen was it? Poor Rita!