Rihanna fans get free phones + tickets in their 'ANTi diaRy' treasure hunt...

The enormity of Rihanna's $25 million dollar Samsung deal has now come to light in a major way. Find out how inside. 
Several fans were given keys. Some were sent boxes with keys inside, and others received them digitally. Some fans had to show up to specific 'ANTi diaRy' locations for the 'ANTi Experience' in order to get keys. The 'ANTi Experience' involves fans across America (LA, Boston, Chicago, Dallas and New York) visiting these rooms from the 'ANTi diaRy' app. When they visit these rooms, they get a scare. Creepy occurrences take place and at the end of it, they get a key. The New York experience took place yesterday.

Those keys end up unlocking information about free tickets to her 'ANTi' world tour (worth $300). Others received Samsung Note5 phones (worth $700) in the mail. Some of the phones were given away yesterday by Samsung. The Keyholder states that their "patience has finally been rewarded." 

No one is being patient about her album. It's just something that is being tolerated because no one has a choice. Other prizes are expected to be given away to the Navy, with sweepstakes coming to an end on December 31st. The concept is cute and fun for the stans. However, it's kind of pointless since she's obviously just using it to stall for time. 

A fan encounter from yesterday's NYC 'ANTi Experience':