Snapshots: Beyoncé gets into the Christmas spirit in NYC...

Beyoncé hosted her very own Parkwood Christmas party in New York earlier this week, and she was walking around looking like a decorated Christmas tree.
I wonder how much Beyoncé pays her touchy feely personal assistant. That chick is wearing the EXACT same jeans and boots she wore at the  TIDAL X: 1020 event two months ago. Most employees on the A-List payroll would at least wait a bit longer before *being publicly snapped* in the same outfit. 

Note, "being snapped" are the key words here. I mean I'm sure most of us will rock the same pair of jeans in a two month time span. However, most of us don't work for Beyoncé. That's the difference. Anyway, nine days to go for Ho Ho Ho day. Who's excited?

December 14th: