Snapshots: Chris Brown hosts listening party for new album 'Royalty' in West Hollywood...

I see a haunting sadness in his eyes. That aside, it's always nice when you actually have something to promote. 
I look at the other pics, and can see Chris Brown looks really gaunt and ill. Something just doesn't look right. I'm not going to say what everyone is thinking but I hope everything is okay with him. He's been looking dog rough lately. The industry can really do that to someone, especially when you have the media giving you a tough time and not wanting to put aside your mistakes (example). It becomes a burden.

Now I'm not trying to make excuses for him, but this year he has really tried to turn his life around with his daughter coming into it. I hope he takes a break after this new album. Spend the next few years being a dad and then come back strong with some SOLID music of substance. 

December 15th: