Emeli Sandé releases ‘Long Live The Angels’ covers + tracklist

Emeli Sandé unwraps the standard and deluxe covers for her forthcoming sophomore album, 'Long Live The Angels.'
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Em has lost a lot of weight so she appears more confident with the full body shot even if she's just perched on a chair. I'd be lying if I said I loved the pics, but the music itself is what I'll be listening to and the covers will go completely forgotten. Listen to new single 'Hurts' here if you missed it. Emeli’s sophomore album 'Long Live The Angels' is due November 11th.

'Long Live The Angels' tracklist
1. Selah
2. Breathing Underwater
3. Happen
4. Hurts
5. Give Me Something
6. Right Now
7. Shakes
8. Garden (feat. Jay Electronica & Áine Zion)
9. I’d Rather Not
10. Lonely
11. Sweet Architect
12. Tenderly (feat. Joel Sande & The Serenje Choir)
13. Every Single Little Piece
14. Highs and Lows
15. Babe