Rihanna still isn't here for Super Bowl...

Rihanna was sure to let everyone know that she never watched the Super Bowl because she still supports Colin Kaepernick.

She also shaded a fellow first-class passenger as 'weird' for wanting to watch Super Bowl on her flight. Like seriously, you’re on a flight with Rihanna and you're worried about the freaking Super Bowl?! Rihanna is dropping a new album later this year, and she would have been a good contender for the Super Bowl halftime show next year (she was asked already but refused.) As for the latest? The verdict is in, and let's just say the Internet did not react kindly to Maroon 5's Super Bowl halftime performance.

They delivered one of the most boring, lifeless performances in recent memory. Adam Levine tried to save the show by going topless, but the entire performance only made Justin Timberlake's critically panned halftime show look epic.