Keri Hilson adamantly declares no one ran her out of the industry...

Milk carton singer Keri Hilson set the record straight this week about no one booting her from the music industry.

Apparently, she decided to leave on her own terms to focus on herself. But I'm sure Beyoncé stans would beg to differ. I don't know if Keri ever encountered a "career height" (her words) and I'm not even trying to throw shade. I genuinely don't remember it.

All I know is that she had some cute songs loooong before performing to empty arenas. She announced new music three years ago and caught faux rage over its "fake" press release. I remember seeing her at the 02 on my 30th and it was a good show. But to be honest, I don't remember any real career defining moments outside of 'Pretty Girl Rock.' Saying that, she's smart and talented. Let's not forget most of her income was made from writing hits for other singers.