Normani's dancing abilities are so pro even trained dancers struggle to keep up with her #LOL

It's crazy how I never thought we'd get another performer that had Beyoncé-esque potential, but I'm definitely now seeing it with Normani. It's not because she dances her ass off on stage, but because she actually has the star power to become something special.

I think she could become this new Janet/Beyoncé hybrid, although she says her recent VMAs performance drew inspiration from Britney Spears (a Janet/Madonna disciple.) Normani’s choreographer Sean Bankhead tells The New York Times that it’s hard to book dancers talented enough to be able to keep up with Normani: “she’s actually sometimes more trained and has more technique than some of the dancers in the industry right now,” he says. I find that rather refreshing. She's the artist and as she's the artist she's suppose to be the one doing DILUTED versions of the choreography. Yet, her dancers struggle because her energy, flexibility and complex footwork is something they can't keep up with. That's major talent, and I look forward to seeing what this talented young woman brings to the table moving forward. I'm not sure if it's me but her song 'Motivation' is giving me Beyoncé's 'Check On It' vibes. Wouldn't surprise me if that was intentional.

VMAs performance from last week: