Britney Spears is now only granted 30 percent custody of her sons #CashGrab

See... this is what happens when you marry beneath you. Writing cheques to support somebody else's lifestyle holds the same level of frequency as changing your knickers. A new custody agreement with ex-husband Kevin Federline will mean Britney Spears will now be getting less access to her two sons Jayden James and Sean Preston.

K-Fed has been granted 70 percent custody, while Britney gets 30 percent (it use to be 50/50). This agreement was put in place from last August. 70% also means more child support for this freeloading bum and his unemployed wife. He doesn't work, and uses Britney's money to support his extra kids too (he has FOUR more kids besides Britney's boys). What is he going to do when they turn 18 in 4 and 5 years time? When the child support ends, he will have no choice but to get a job. Unless he was smart and saved up most of that money so he could live comfortably for a very long time. If Britney married a man on her level, she'd never be in this predicament to begin with. A wealthy man would never ask her for a penny because he would have his own money to care for the boys. I never understood why she’s so attracted to men who make far less money than her. Other than Justin Timberlake and (maybe) Jason Trawick, she’s always been the breadwinner in her relationships. She was in the prime of her career when she started dating K-Fed, an underpaid backup dancer who also had a pregnant girlfriend at that time (massive red flag). She was in her early 20s, undoutedly the biggest white pop star on the planet and the most desirable to boot. She could have had any man she wanted!

I feel for her. Mental illness has been a long serving battle and she's bound to a conservatorship that's kept her hostage for many years (free Britney). I can only hope this was not a forced deal and that she was the initiator of the changes due to her personal needs.

UPDATE: Britney's dad Jamie Spears has been accused of child abuse by her ex-husband Kevin Federline.