Lady Gaga: "I’m gonna start lip-syncing."

WELP! You just never know
Seems Lady Gaga has taken a leaf out of Nicki Minaj's book when it comes to online trolling. She just tweeted that she is “gonna start lip-syncing,” ahead of her Vegas stage return tonight. Unless she actually means she's going to put on her best Britney Spears impression for Halloween. OK. So let's pretend that she IS serious for instance. Maybe she's testing the waters and seeing how fans will respond when she DOES decide to put her voice on vocal rest and lipsync. I would assume she would rather cancel her shows and wait to get better than resort to that, because she's the consummate professional, just like her 'Telephone' collaborator Beyoncé. Gaga has always prided herself on being the type of artist that would never lipsync at her shows, because she simply wants to give her fans a real experience.

Between 2010 and 2011, she had this segment in her show, I'm assuming this was the 'Monsters Ball' tour to that effect, where she would go on this massive profanity-filled rant about never ever lipsyncing. And she would say this with so much potency, you could feel the major disdain aimed at other artists. After all, she IS known for being a renowned live vocalist. So for her to tweet this, even as a joke, just seems really bizarre.

Gaga's successful 'Enigma' residency has six shows left before wrapping on November 9th.