Tinashe equates chart relevancy to "farts."

Interesting, Tinashe
When a fan asked Tinashe on Instagram if she cares about the charts, in regards to her upcoming independent release, she replied: “NAH,” adding, “Charts = farts.” And an hour ago on Twitter, she repeated that same sentiment, standing firm on that view.

Soooo, what she's saying is if her 'Songs For You' project only sells 10 copies, it wouldn't bother her, because she now has the creative and artistic freedom and control to make the music she wants to make. I find that hard to believe. Not the part about the artistic freedom. I know she's pleased about that bit. In the past, she's been very vocal in regards to RCA making her record and release unappealing pop records that didn't truly represent who she was as an artist. But you're not putting all of your blood, sweat and tears into a work of art only for it to be overlooked or not to receive any prior acknowledgement. Deep down, you want the accolades, otherwise all that hard work would be for nothing. She's never going to be a Taylor Swift type of artist. But some accolades would be nice, because you do things with the idea that hard graft pays off. Being able to keep most of her royalties as an independent artist would be worth it for her. Silver lining, I guess.

Over the weekend, she performed new single 'Die A Little Bit' for the first time at Evita nightclub in West Hollywood.

I don't know what the hell she's wearing, but bless her little soul: