Sunday, 1 December 2019

Normani for Cosmopolitan | "Why does pop music have to be so white?"

Normani wants answers
Welcome to the first day of December! Christmas is officially 24 days away! 2020 is within touching distance now. Normani stuns for the December issue of Cosmopolitan magazine.

Speaking of the 'Motivation' video, she explains, “I told the director, ‘I want this to be as black as possible. I was like, let’s show black culture. Why does pop music have to be so white? Why don’t we make it a little bit more me?" She adds: "I’m gonna make whatever I do Black. You’ll know that I’m a Black girl, even if it’s on the quote-unquote whitest record ever." Normani wondering why pop music has to be so white brings up an issue that’s been an underlying problem in the music community for a while: the mainstream erasure of black women in pop music (sans Rihanna and Beyoncé.) Pop music has always been predominantly white and in serious need of some seasoning. No lies were told.