Toni Braxton performs 'Un-Break My Heart' at #AMAs2019

Toni Braxton still has it!
Can I remind people that this woman is 53-years-old? This woman is 53-years-old and has never looked more fab! When R&B veteran Toni Braxton popped up at the American Music Awards on Sunday for a mesmerising performance of her 1996 hit 'Un-Break My Heart,' my first thought was wow, this is random but so very welcoming. Then it dawned on me that this was Toni's first AMAs performance in 25 years at around almost the same time  'Un-Break My Heart' blew up everywhere. 'Secrets' is still my favourite album from her, and I still listen to it as recently as last week. So happy to say Toni made a triumphant return to the American Music Awards, and looked just as beautiful as she sounded.