J.Lo taught Shakira nothing, really.

All of the Shakira fans are taking mad offence at some newly resurfaced footage of Jennifer Lopez teaching her how to shake ass during Super Bowl rehearsals.

J.Lo shared the footage on her Instagram a few hours ago. Shakira was just humouring Jen, because she is humble. Truth be told... as if anyone needs to teach Shakira how to shake ass. Shakira has been shaking her ass for years, and even did it better than J.Lo when it was time for them to deliver on the big night.

I mean:

Peep Jen giving Shakira a so-called lesson in some butt jiggling below:


Benny said...

Funny thing is, Shakira could've easily had just as many hits as J-Lo if she jumped on that Dance-Pop/EDM wave along with GaGa, Pitbull, Flo Rida, Rihanna etc! Especially after the success of Hips Don't Lie & She Wolf, but for some reason, she just fell back after those songs blew up! She has the energy, moves & stage presence to pull it off! I feel like Twitter is trying to turn this into a Latin version of Prince vs Michael!