Shakira had the better Super Bowl performance. Sorry J.Lo!

Shakira delivered
This Super Bowl Halftime performance was good, but mostly because of Shakira. Actually, I wished she'd done the whole thing instead with some special guest features. This woman completely understood and executed what is needed for a Super Bowl performance.

She gave us footwork and instruments and I looooved every minute of it. Jennifer Lopez gave us a sample version of 'Hustlers.' Her performance was too much Vegas showgirl. A little too try hard. A little gimmicky. The pole dancing was just predictable and lame. On the other hand, Shakira definitely brought out the fun factor. Jen's music is very dated, but 'Hips Don't Lie' came out years ago and could easily have been released today. This explains why Shakira's music made an epic return on the digital charts. J.Lo's body is goals though and she looked good but I was definitely expecting more. Her daughter coming out to sing was a cute moment.