Lana Del Rey denies being racist, while Beyoncé shadily celebrates 'Bootylicious' #shade101

Lana Del Rey has furiously defended herself against accusations of racism. It all popped off when she wrote a lengthy Instagram post, mostly targeting black women. 

The post implied they don't get criticized as much as she does for the music they do. Lana's original post said this: "Now that Nicki Minaj and Beyoncé have had number ones with songs about being sexy..." Right after yesterday's post went viral,  Beyoncé took to her official website to celebrate the anniversary of 'Bootylicious.' An actual song that fully embraces being sexy! If that isn't a subtle way of telling someone to "kiss my ass," I don't know what is. 

Lana pops off in the comments after racist accusations:

But Bey celebrated 'Bootylicious,' straight after Lana's original post went viral:


Benny said...

Idk what's really going on with Lana Del Ray but I can say that Bootylicious aged better than Beyonce & Kelly thought it would! They hated this song lol! It's really not a bad song but I guess when it got added to the dictionary & became a Pop Culture Phenomenon, Beyonce & Kelly just assumed the worse!

Toya said...

The song is awful lol. I'm sorry. But you know what... I still use to shake my ass to it at the club.

Benny said...

Lol, In this day & age, I've heard way worse than Bootylicious. Also, if you really pay attention to the video, it's kinda like watching an Instagram video/Insta-Snap/Insta-Story type of video in 2001. Girls dressing all sexy, dancing in front of the camera like their infront of the mirror. We see that all the time on Instagram today lol. DC3 was ahead of their time lol