Madonna's really desperate for attention, but what's new?

Madonna posted a crotch shot on Instagram and says she gives "zero f*cks" who she offends. 

Most people got the gist of that 40 years ago. This woman's career has been plagued by nothing but shock tactics and scandal. She is a full fledged attention seeker and a narcissist. Madonna is going to keep doing this right up until she's 80, and no one will care. Social media didn't exist during her peak, so the shock tactics worked and caused quite a stir. But today? Oh, it's just Madge being Madge. Nothing to see here! 80 years old and thirst trapping. THAT my friends, is going to be a sad sight to see. 


Urban Lady said...

Lol, at this point this isn't even news worthy anymore. Only thing that keeps me interested in her if she drops some decent music.

Also, Toya, did you delete your Twitter account?

Toya said...