Doja Cat's video apology said a whole bunch of nothing...

Seemingly going against her management’s advice, Doja Cat says that doing this clarification video for Instagram Live might be the biggest mistake she's ever made. 

In the video which lasted 26 minutes, she explains the meaning behind her 'Dindu Nuffin' track, addresses racist chatroom allegations and debunks rumours that she deliberately mispronounced Beyoncé's name. Not many people brought into her PR written "apology," and she said a whole bunch of nothing in the video while (admittedly) being under the influence and cussing her ass off. She wanted to come across as "real" and authentic but I don't think this video helped her at all. The best course of action would have been to keep quiet and let this whole mess blow over. Her PR team must be livid, lol.

Anyway, here's her live in full:


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Dayvid said...

An excuse is a monument of nothingness and should not be mixed with an apology.

Elle said...

Preach!!.....I got to use that...that was goooooood

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