Tamar Braxton goes in on Usher: “Who are you?”

“Lil’ Kim did not give Nicki Minaj her talent. So therefore, who are you to take Nicki Minaj talents away from her?” - Tamar Braxton during an interview with TS Madison.

Tamar aggressively disagrees with Usher’s comments when he referred to Nicki Minaj as a ‘product’ of Lil Kim. She tells the host that the comparison is a ‘discredit’ to Nicki’s talent. Did we even hear the same audio? I don't recall Usher ever saying Lil Kim gave Nicki her talent. He was just trying to say Lil Kim inspired her. 

Tamar is clearly overcompensating.  Would we have even heard of her if Toni Braxton wasn't her sister? She also stresses that both women have paved the way for other female musicians, and that she isn’t a fan of artists being pitted against each other.