Usher slammed for calling Nicki Minaj “a product of Lil Kim.”

The Barbz are giving Usher hell for saying Nicki Minaj is a product of Lil Kim in an Instagram Live with Swizz Beatz.

Usher wasn't saying it to be shady. He told no lies! Every single artist has their inspirations (including Usher himself i.e. Michael Jackson). Nicki has channeled herself after Kim throughout her entire career despite their feud. People can come for his "lack of relevancy" in today's pop landscape or him "not having a hit in over a decade", but he should not be ridiculed for telling the truth, or repeating what many of the reputable music sites have been saying for years.


Jasmin S Hall said...

Right I see zero lies...the Barbz are beyond extra

Lauryn said...

Nicki vs Kim makes no sense. Like Usher said Kim vs Foxy, that's a battle.