Tuesday, 14 July 2020

Billboard says Au Revoir to music's favorite scam; Merch & Ticket bundles!

Many artists that can't do big numbers on pure sales alone will most likely be crying somewhere. For Billboard has now taken away their low-key cheat code.

Billboard announces it will be changing ticket bundling rules for album sales. This means that 'forced' album and tour ticket bundles will no longer count towards album sales unless the customer adds the album to their cart additionally. Bundling meant that an artist could use ticket and merchandise sales to count towards their chart positions. Well... not any more. This will be effective for all tours from October 2nd, 2020 onwards. So now Billboard is only just caring about the inaccurate measure of consumer intent? The term we like to use is... chart/sales manipulation, and these changes should have been implemented years ago.


Benny said...

It's about time this happened. Next it's the streaming era that will come to an end. Itunes will be the only thing that matters. You're right Toya, getting rid of this scam, will expose so many of these talentless artists & their Instagram buzz they think they have.

I said the other day that artists like Eminem, Beyoncè/DC3 were able to sell millions when Napster(then came Limewire/Kazaa/Bearshare) scared the music industry to death, had some of these record executives SHITTING themselves.

Toya said...

I miss Kazaa though. Them days were bomb.

Dayvid said...

Speaking of those sites Toya, would you happen to have the song ‘Drunk’ by 702? I’ve been on your site for about 14 years and I know you know all the unreleased tracks in R&B. I just thought I’d ask.

Toya said...

I don't unfortunately, but I'll keep a look out. Let me know if you have any luck locating it.