Kelly Rowland recalls almost going broke + removes husband as manager...

Kelly Rowland candidly addresses almost going broke during a recent interview with pastor Erwin McManus. Apparently, she almost lost everything because she was so busy trying to keep up with the Joneses (spending recklessly on houses, cars, clothes, etc).

She also confirms no longer being managed by her husband Tim Weatherspoon because she loves them being just husband/wife and parents. Seems Kelly wanted to live that Hollywood/Beyoncé life but didn't have the clout to sustain it. She chose not to marry rich, opting to marry a non-name and assigning him to being her manager; despite no record of him having any other big name clients (wink, wink.)
Aaaand... despite a stagnant/stalling music career, Kelly always stayed BOOKED with a job (touring Europe, being a fitness brand person, a judge on Australia's The Voice, as well as her endorsement deals with Jaguar, TW Steel and Caress). So it would seem Kelly's mismanagement of money was the sole problem, where simply, trying to purchase an A-List home on a C-List budget would never fly. Kelly's overspending and living beyond her means has been well documented over the years, and she spoke about it during a 2018 interview with Instyle. Always good to see someone land firmly back on their feet again.


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Benny said...

I wonder when this was! Like what era? My guess was probably the Ms. Kelly era, because after Motivation came out, a year or 2 later she booked the XFactor UK!

Toya said...

Could be... who knows?

Anonymous said...

This was around 2007-2008... In 2009 when her & David Guetta release when love takes over that went number 1 in 23 countries, she was booked with high paying gigs.

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